About Us

Delta Laboratories, Inc., is a family owned, Florida based manufacturer of industrial and architectural coatings and adhesives.

Delta started in 1949 in the Miami area and expanded in 1957 with additional facilities in Ocala.  Currently, Delta manufacturing facilities are in Hialeah and Ocala, with corporate offices in Ocala.

Delta LaboratoriesOur customers throughout the United States, the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America as well as Europe continually look to Delta for solutions to their toughest coatings issues. Whether they require ultra-durable industrial coatings exhibiting excellent resistance to a myriad of exposures, solutions to hard-to-coat substrates or simply decorative coatings that withstand the elements, Delta provides top quality products that utilize state-of-the-art technology.

We pride ourselves on developing the best solution for your coatings needs. While other companies sell you an off-the-shelf product that may come close to meeting your needs, Delta’s specialized technical staff can custom engineer a system that meets all of your performance requirements. Talk to your technical service representative today for a solution to your toughest coating situation. Beginning with a detailed analysis of your coating operation, our tech service team will examine your procedures from preparation, to coating application, to full cure and work with our highly trained coatings formulation chemists to develop the product that meets all of your needs, almost always improving your efficiencies and reducing your environmental impacts. Sample product will be manufactured for testing on your line, and if needed, final modifications will be made prior to full scale manufacture. Our case histories are numerous and span many different industrial coatings operations.